Debt Collection

When individuals, collection agencies, and businesses want their collection matters handled using the most efficient and successful methods, they contact Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP.

Our firm collects your delinquent funds using our in-depth understanding of the debt collection process. Our personal collections experience and familiarity with the process of debt collections enables us to collect your debt faster and at a lower cost to you, when compared to using a typical debt collection agency.

Once judgment is entered, the lawyers at Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP use various tools to locate and restrain assets and income that can be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment. If initial attempts at locating assets do not result in satisfaction of the judgment, our attorneys will use various other means allowed by New York State law to compel payment and satisfaction of the judgment.

We also work with attorneys and individuals who have obtained judgments from other states or in federal court against New York businesses or residents.

Trust us to handle your debt collection matters from start to finish. Contact Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP today.

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