Civil Trials

Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP, makes every attempt to avoid a civil trial throughout the litigation process. From initially contacting and negotiating with the adverse party, through filing a petition for relief, collecting documents and other information, interviewing witnesses, all the way to strategizing, posturing, and negotiating, our firm will submit motions and briefs to the court, to attempt to decide the case prior to trial based on the evidence already collected. However, if a these efforts are unsuccessful, or a settlement is unable to be reached, you can rely on one of our experienced attorneys to represent you in a civil trial.

Our litigation team is highly-skilled in civil litigation matters, and will provide the high degree of self-assurance and courtroom acumen needed to reach a successful verdict in a civil trial. Whether you are in need of new representation in a pre-existing litigation matter, or are about to be involved in a civil trial regarding commercial litigation, contact our firm today for assistance.

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